Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bojo, that's so funny...whatever.

Alright people, I admit it: 99% of the time our arrogant, pompous, show-offing, name-dropping, luxury-seeking, Anglophilic asses richly deserve the ribbing that we get. Waitu. Apparently, the accent is hee-fricking-larious.

Everybody's got jokes about akina Koku and R/Lwegoshora now: jingles, skits about bwana Arfred Tibaigana, Ze Comedians, you name it. Actuarry, ze guy in Ze Comedy who does business news is pretty good, come to think of it: "Tonge ra ugari tikiti maji."

Lakini, Wahaya mbona tumekuwa na watani wengi kupita kiasi? Vipi, mnaona Wakurya wameshindwa kazi, muwasaidie? Hm. Angarau tupatieni royalties za vijisenti tukaendereze ka mkoa ketu ka Kagera...

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