Friday, April 25, 2008

Down by the sea

I finally a) remembered to download pics from the digital camera, and b) figured out how to upload said pictures. Here are the first few offerings. I thought I would start with a few that show off some of the pleasures of my life in Eden.

This here is the ocean view from my luxurious corner office. Yes, I said ocean view: If you look through them there tall trees right at the end, over the rooftops and across the fragrant waste water treatment ponds you can see the warm expanse of the Indian Ocean. Binoculars help.

Easter weekend, view from my beach banda, Ras Kutani. When you want a drink, you stick out your right hand, raise your flag and the beach butler comes bounding over to take your order. That's right, beach butler baby. The one inconvenience is the lack a little side table, which forces you to stick your frosty glass in the white-hot sand. Life can be so hard.

Sunset in January, Coral Beach Hotel- garden side. You can sit out here as long as you want, the staff doesn't hassle you to order. If you stare at the water at the right time you can catch schools of sardines chasing each other through the bay and jumping out of the sea with glee.

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