Monday, April 27, 2009

One Year Already?!

Wow. I am bad with birthdays but there is something particularly hopeless about forgetting your first blogirthday isn't there? I'm happy to report the blog has survived its first year, in spite of blog health tapering severely in the past six months or so. Big up to my silent readership (all three of you) who emerged out of the woodwork this past week to remind me that the posts are getting read. It is people like you who keep us feckless bloggers populating the interwebs with our unsolicited commentary. I'm grateful.

As of the 23rd of April which is the official blogiversary there were 112 posts up! Which, I have just realized, means that I also totally missed the 100th postiversary. Go figure. Coming up in year two: more of the same! Keep well and keep reading.

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