Saturday, September 5, 2009

Not quite dead yet...

Like King'ung'e Ng'ombale-Mwiru, this blog is not dead yet contrary to appearances. A lot of subterranean meditation has been happening (ahem) and the blog should be enjoying a revamping in the very, very, very near future! Said revamping will (hopefully) involve the upgrading of the style, streamlining of content, and inclusion of more visual stimulus. The upgrade will still be subject to Paradisan laws of internet connectivity- immutable laws- but even given these constraints there is bound to be improvement. In the meantime, please accept this short place-holder whose intention it is to say: hello.

Have a refreshing weekend.


  1. welcome back Easy!!!! have missed you so!

  2. thanks grrrl, looking forwards to opinionating indiscriminately for your enjoyment ;)


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