Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Food for thought from some fellow bloggers.

Yeah, so- is it just me or does our government behave a lot like one of Hand Relief International's affiliates? Start at the beginning, by the way, or you might get lost around the time the Flying Spaghetti Monster and His Noodly Appendage show up.

Speaking of looking for the underlying motivations, Swahili Street offers this interesting challenge:

"What would be the one factor that a future historian of Tanzania might choose, and for which she would have records, to examine similar [cosanguine] political and business relationships of today?"

What an awesome question. I guess that would have to start with a candid description of the ruling class in Tanzania, a horribly fraught issue...


  1. Ummm...sorry, I didn't understand the Swahili Street question. Maybe its too late at night, but a translation into plebeian English would be wonderful.

    Today, I learnt a really cool new translation for the word 'advocacy' at a workshop I was participating in...'kutongoza.' Now there is a concept pregnant with bloggable interpretations and possibilities! 'AZISE zaitongoza Serikali....'

  2. Hm. I should have explained that one better... SS was talking about how the power elite a) reproduces itself and b) transitions from a hereditary elite class (closed/limited system)to a more democratically composed one (open system). And how would a modern historian document similar processes in TZ. Which is a delicious question- it makes me want to mind map.


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