Thursday, March 4, 2010

Julius Malema, Film in Tanzania and That Damn Question.

The stuff that passes for movies made in Bongo? Kill. me. now. It hurts to see so much energy and raw talent go to waste because of a laissez-faire attitude. So it was with incredible pleasure that I stumbled across this critical and informative piece on Doc. Faustine's blog. More, please?

You know, my imaginary South Africa (the one with a non-existent crime rate and a Nandos at every street corner and Kiswahili is an official language too) is my Happy Place. So I like to imagine that the real South Africa will keep its shit together. But, you know: The violent xenophobia. Then, Jacob Zuma. And now, Julius Malema . What is really creepy is that the ANC has Zuma and Malema in crucial leadership positions. The ANC! Wait... is that the sound of yet another revolutionary party without a revolution going down the drain?

And finally, an exciting new blog by a bloggeress! And she's a sociologist too! Cherry on top. I like sociologists. A lot. Love them, really. Okay. Here is the caveat: I did spot That Damn Question about midway through my perusal. This is going to be an interesting ride. Most of all because Rasmus Hundbaek's (hope I got that right...) chosen topic is such a great one. And, you know, she's going to look at it with her sociologist eyes.

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