Thursday, March 18, 2010

Real Ambition

Fun as it is to stand outside of The Establishment and toss barbed commentary their way, today I came across a fantastic position, one of the few government jobs that I would sell my left kidney for. What kind of CV do I need to get all up in there?

Mister Pinda, I know you are a busy man. But if you ever get a minute, I have a couple of ideas. We can start by infusing this year's Independence Day Celebrations with real character: I see dancing military troops, Blue Green and Gold fireworks and VIP tents serving The Spirit of the Nation and Ilala Yellow Spring Waters for those who like to party hearty. And, you know, mountain water or something for those who don't. And after Easter? A national drum-and-dance festival held at Oysterbay Beach. You know, arts, culture, a little local brew-off. Could be fun. As you can see, I am ready to serve my nation, sir.


  1. LOL! You never seemed like the party animal, but it seems you know what you are talking about :-)

  2. ooooooohhhhhhh......likey, likey! how do we forward those ideas/you to the party-planning powers that be??? i think the Chief Head Scratcher would quite enjoy that indy-day. and drumming on oysterbay beach, especially kama ni mdundiko with the nubile.

    nice konyagi poster.

    what's ilala yellow springs water? i hope it's tbs certified...

    word ver: istat. apple's new stats service

  3. @Mugizi: Oh, you know. Rumors, anecdotes, stuff- I just piece it together :)

    @ Darlene: iStat. Head-scratcher. Mdundiko with the nubile. Tee hee! Ilala: TBL...


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