Thursday, April 8, 2010

Independent candidates again, and a free earworm.

I have been finding the political news a bit snoozy these past few weeks, just can't bring myself to care much about Mpendazoe's defection to CCJ. Can't bring myself to take CCJ seriously, for that matter. The closer we get to elections, the more confused and impotent the opposition becomes- an amazing feat of sprinting towards the bottom before the race has even begun.

This week, however, has been pleasant: first we got a minor update on the impenetrable Zanzibar situation. I don't know how Zanzibar manages to be so byzantine, but they are going to put together a Government of National Unity soon without any of us political outsiders ever getting the real story. While I wish them the best, I am itching with curiosity about the whole thing: what does it mean for CCM? Who will be the next President? What did Karume and Hamad say to each other behind closed doors? The last time two Tanzanian leaders (one of them a Karume) whispered and shook hands in secret we ended up in a Union, referendum be damned. So yeah, I am a little intrigued.

Another issue close to my heart got an airing: the question of independent candidates. We all know that it is The Establishment's Banana Republic behavior that is holding everything up, but I have faith in Chief Justice Ramadhani and his crew and I don't expect them to drop the ball on this one.

Speaking about the health of our democracy, apparently the idea of following Em Pees around and asking them intrusive questions is not a bad one. Pity these kindsa studies are so costly. As Abba said: Aaaaaah, aaaaaaah! All the things I could do! If I had a little money!... (enjoy the earworm).


  1. The late Justice Kahwa Lugakingira was my favorite justice just because he once ruled the death penalty was unconstitutional (if memory serves me correctly). I believe that ruling was overturned but it was still a bold move in our not so human rights conscious social polity. Nyalali seemed pretty cool as well. Hopefully the current justices will prove up to the job.

    Wow, that that deputy AG seems to be not-too-bright! Why have a highest courst if there is no constitutional review?

    That ZNZ situation is very intriguing, but if it leads to a peaceful election (for once!) I'm all for it ...

  2. I think the Legal and Human Rights Center headquarters is named after your fave justice if am not mistaken. Nice piece of real estate.

    I am totally interested in a peaceful election in Zenj, I would just like some insight into how they plan to do it. Maalim and Karume still haven't told the public the details of their Faustian deal...

  3. LOL @ "Faustian Deal" ;-)

    "And the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb" - not sure who is the Lion and who is the Lamb in this scenario!


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