Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Odds and Ends.

I was going to blog about the Union this weekend since we got Monday off and it seemed an opportune time.* So of course Tanesco cut off my power during the crucial hours of the national Union celebrations and my ISP has tanked because Seacom checked out sometime on Friday and who knows when they'll fix it. Ah, the little joys of depending on one flimsy little undersea cable. Which means that I'll have to share my rather pungent opinions about the Union, and the looming specter of the East African Federation, another day.

On the burger front, the quietly competent Palm Beach Hotel does a pretty mean sandwich accompanied by fries. It might just be the best commercial burger in The City, and is certainly a good reason to skip the traffic madness out of town on a weekday evening. Very fresh, generous portions, totally palatable the next day. The only gripe is they could leave the onions out of the patty- but I'm a purist that way.

I gotta pay my dues to the Mutual Appreciation Society and create a link loop of love right here. Isn't that artwork fantastic?

Speaking of underground fantastic, if you are on Twitter and a TZ politics junkie you need to follow this account.

And one last bit of shameless self-promotion. Watch this space.

*Don't you just love diplomatic missives? Such pretty language to remind Tanzania precisely how generous the US has been to her lately, lest she forget.


  1. Wow, nice getting published in "THE East African"! I still remember back in the days when I used to look forward to Mondays because thats when the new East African came out;-)

    I am curious did you send them a contribution or did they just see it on the net and ask to publish it?

    In any case, you have to treat me to lunch next time now that you are a big deal "Media Consultant" ;-)

  2. Thanks Dr. Bob! And yes, one plate of ugali firigisi on me next time you're in town since you are the only person in the world who thinks I am a "Big Deal Media Consultant" and flattery will get you everywhere :)

    To answer your question- I was very strongly nudged (given no choice actually) into 'submitting' the blog post straight into an editor's inbox. Thank God for pushy siblings.

  3. It is through "The East African" article of yours that I learned this blog exist. Arguably, it's one of the only two or three sensible blogs blogging about local affairs. I like your writing style.


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