Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Cool Kids Are Coming to Town.

Hey, you. Been feeling a little down lately? Losing your faith in a beautiful Tanzania filled with talented people doing good works, fuelled by passion and principle? Need something, or someone to believe in? I've got some good news for you: TEDxDAR is around the corner. Please register to attend on the website. That speaker list is kicking: chock full of real-deal self-made talent, all of it Bongo flavored. If that doesn't soothe, excite and satisfy your Tanzaphilic soul, nothing will.

I know, I know- the annual Goat Races are on that day as well. Ten year anniversary: a decade of good work raising funds for charity and providing idiosyncratic entertainment. Two excellently worthy causes, happening on the same day in a city that is completely underserved in this department. What are the chances, eh? But we all know that a true Bongolander is unfazed by the idea of rocking two joints, or three, or four in one day. So come get your mind stimulated in the morning, then take the kids out for a good time and drop some heavy cash at the Races in the afternoon*.

May I digress for a minute: when the goat races started, all the attendees were either bourgeois or expat. Boy did we get a lot of flack for daring to have a little silly fun while raising money back in the day. Watching nyama choma bleat its way around a dusty track was one of those Things That Africans Don't Do. But look where they are today. Crusted with every form of Bongolander to be found for the price of a ticket. That's what's up.

Speaking of causes, there's a new blog in town. High Five to Bottom Up Thinking where MJ is going to testify about her...his...shim's experiences in conservation and development. In a similar vein to Land Affairs, this one is for you kids who like to jiggle your grey matter with some thoughtful, BS-free reportage from logical types doing hands-on development work.

On that gender tip, a retraction and an apology: it did take me a few weeks to figure this out, but Rasmus of Land Affairs is a he-blogger not a she-blogger. Which is totally cool even though I am now less one she-blogger on the Blog Tanzania list, because Sociologists are like manna.

*Calling all fellow Capricorns: what say next year we hook this Goat Race thing up? I got some ideas. Holler.


  1. para 3. yes, that really is what's up. Agreed. Though i've never been to the goat races

  2. And you have picked an excellent year to start attending, Swahili Street :) After your TEDxDAR session, of course. If you don't come, I'll tell Kate Bomz about it. Yeah, I went there.

  3. check us out--taifaletu.blogspot.com

    Good blog mshkaji, I enjoy the way you write and your perspectives in kila kitu.

  4. @ Mshikaji- cheers mate. You're up on the blogroll by the way.

  5. @Swahilistreet...i am watching you! Thanks Elsie you rock, ya know it!

  6. @ Kate Bomz: oh, stop it. . we both know i am doing it for The Hat.

  7. Capy in the house answering the call for next year's Mashindano ya Mbuzi... You forgot to talk about the ONE thing that has us running in droves to the races,,,,, imbibing copious amounts of alcohol while the children run around with their nannies;-)

  8. You know...I was about to say that...lol the HAT! ; )


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