Saturday, May 22, 2010

TEDxDAR: Leo Mkanyia, crosspollination

Leo Mkanyia stepped in because Nakaaya was not able to join us today. Ahem. Leo Mkanyia is an Afrojazz guitarist, and performed two songs for the event. Acoustic guitar, clear voice with the slightest rough suggesting that maybe the blues is around the corner, lefty political lyrics.

As I Please: " Prof. Mhunzi says, when he moved to TZ, he conversed with his house keepers in Kiswahili. But the language of chores was English. As a result making Kiswahili the lintellectual language and English the subservient one. The resultant code was flipped. His is a fascinating way to think about the debate we've been having in this country about which of the two of our national languages we can elevate. A provocative start."


  1. Reflectory performance in a extremely hot Dar day,

    Got me thinking! Inclusion of acts from upcoming genres of DAR music like 'kiduku' and perhaps the ever changing bongo tunes (flava, taarab, sebene) should be included in an attempt to paint a comprehensive picture of life in Dar or meaning Dar dwellers assign to their lives.


  2. Hey Edgar-
    Rather than a TED platform might it not be better to just have a Tanzania Music Conference? Performances and lectures intermingled, culture in action and culture in thought. Now that, I would pay to see.


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