Saturday, May 22, 2010

TEDxDAR: Modesta Mahiga

It is with great personal pleasure that I am blogging today about Modesta Mahiga, CEO of Professional Approach. She couldn't be here, so instead of dropping out without udhuru she recorded a video and sent it in. Committment haina feki, people.

Modesta is passionate about human resources, about developing people and that relationship to our fate as a nation. She's all about unleashing the power of the individual in order to win- in life, in business, as a collective made up of powerful actors. Her vision of our future is of a Tanzania led by confident, professional, patriotic, altruistic entrepreneurs. Of course, since TED is all about exposing such-like individuals in different fields I concur with her that this is not just rhetorical dreaming. This is already happening.

No link yet, but as soon as I get my hot little hands on the video I'll post it. It is good.


  1. Modesta Mahiga speech over the video projector was just beyong inspirational. What she said should be replayed in all our schools, universities and colleges. i concur with her, changes is not only coming, it has arrived. TEDxDAR, for me, was an experience that i will NOT soon forget. inspirational, fun, educative, and just plain engaging. to our minds that is...

  2. No biting, spitting, trolling or ugly insults- only pretty ones allowed.

    ...Biased :)

  3. @ Anonymous: it's a tough world. even insults have to bring their A-game and pretty themselves up.

  4. i really love modesta.....she has been an inspiration 2 me.thumbz up

  5. @Anonymous Too: Glad to hear it :) Keep trucking.


No biting, spitting, trolling or ugly insults- only pretty ones allowed.

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