Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Kawe Candidate Question

Ask the blogosphere and the blogosphere shall provide. Turns out that not only is Ms. Rita Mlaki not running for the Kawe constituency, Halima Mdee is :) High five @ shurufu for the retweet.


  1. hmmm I thought James Mbatia was your man for Kawe?

  2. He was! Until Halima came along. What can I say, SS- I'm happily fickle :) She's a she. And she's a younger candidate, on the right side of thirty-five. And then she's Chadema (need someone female to believe in in that party). Not to mention that James is on his ownsome lonesome, no matter how committed his party. Just too small. So...

  3. as a friend once replied when accused of "changing his mind": "yes, it's called thinking."


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