Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Money, man. Money.

'Elimu ni kila kitu, dada'ngu.' I was arrested by this statement as I watched my friend struggle to figure out what he was going to do next. Out of a job in 24 hours due to circumstances outside his control. Kids growing, rent is due. Not enough jobs to go around, and he's that most undesirable of human surplus: young, male, too few years in school. This guy is far too sharp to land anywhere except on his feet, but it makes my shoulder blades itch to think about all that latent power in the labour market- strong, smart, motivated, creative, frustrated...

No doubt about it- if we had such a thing as a functioning education system, my friend would likely be heading a corporate empire and I'd be slaving for him. But, you know. Family had few means, crap education and here he is, a self-taught transportation services provider. Our conversation made me wonder a little about Jay Kay's promise to create a million jobs in his first term, and those Ward Secondary Schools with VodaFasta teachers. Itchy shoulder blades!

Speaking of government, Minister Mkullo is in the background saying something about promoting Export Processing Zones. The World's Best Housekeeper* is giving me dirty looks because she just lost an argument about food price controls. Asking for a raise is well within her rights, but she can forget about that command economy business. Happy Budget day.

*Oh, yeah, she also chuckled evilly while reminding me that this is the last Bunge session for those MPs who haven't got a chance in hell of being re-elected. Might as well enjoy your seating allowances, buddies :)

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