Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Education, education, education.

Swahili Street posted some very interesting news today:

"Uwezo - an initiative of Twaweza - decided to measure [education] and launched their findings just this morning (in the luxury of the Kilimanjaro Kempinski – always a questionable choice for NGO affairs, I feel). Their survey of over 22,000 households and their 42,000 children confirms suspicions. 80 percent of primary school leavers (that is, they have completed all seven years) can read to a level they should have reached in their second year, and maybe higher. And 70 percent of primary school leavers can deal with second year mathematics."

Tafakari. Ting! Ting!


  1. Wait - darasa la saba can only read and do math at darasa la pili level?


  2. Hey Dr. Bob-
    As far as I can tell, that's what the report is implying. Most people with a STD VII education are reading at a STD II or higher level. It is a very interesting indicator of quality...


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