Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mjumbe! And some geeklove.

I finally met my ten-cell leader. I think. Well, he's some kind of Local Government Guy. Clad in the obligatory CCM green, this gentleman (who could have used a shave, I think) came by to let us know that Lyoto and Co. were no longer going to be providing us with our spotty once-a-week garbage collection anymore: there's a new trash boss in Kinondoni. Who has apparently instituted an on-the-spot fine for those of us who don't keep things hygienic within and around our properties.

Could he tell me how often my trash would be collected now? No. Could he tell me if we would still be paying 10K for the service? Not really- they are looking into the matter and (waffle, waffle, waffle, yawn). Could he tell me his name? Sure. Could I tell him mine? Hell yeah. Keep your friends close and your service providers even closer. Did I spy one of the trash collection guys wearing a GreenAndYellow baseball cap? Mh-hm. Coincidence? Hm. Is there an election around the corner, let me check.... Evidently Mr. Lyoto was unable to hold on to his lucrative garbage contract in this electoral period. I am keen to see how his, um, 'competitive successor' does.

On the blog front: a couple of newcomers: Volunteers! I love them. They smell as fresh as new cars: nothing but Birkenstock leather and boundless possibilities. Better yet: they put their money, health, strength and minds where their mouth is. They have a FB page too, if you want to holler at them.

And then, this gem. to tangent a little, since so much of our public discourse is dominated by Development as Hegemony (my caps) we should be somewhat interested in the one social science whose purpose is to study society, and social change. This is a pretty decent resource, feel free to geek in.

And finally: Social Media Seminar Humor. I didn't even know this was an industry :) But you know, it's part of what I do of late- though my part three is usually a practical session. Here's more webcomix for ye geek.

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