Monday, September 13, 2010

So. Afrikan Yoga Retreat eh?

Yup. I am in Zanzibar for the week being introduced to Afrikan Yoga courtesy of Umoja Travels in exchange for a slow version of live blogging. The barter system is alive and well :) But honestly, James didn't exactly have to twist my arm. I have a very healthy 'alternative' side that made resisting the offer of a restful retreat in Zanzibar doing two mind-body training and healing sessions a day completely impossible. Also: Afrikan Yoga? I want to know what that is. The free 45-minute massages included in the package had nothing to do with my decision...

My friend James Chagula, who is based in London, started Umoja Travel (website under construction, link will come later) with the intention of putting together packages that afford his clients a chance to experience the Tanzania he knows and loves rather than the rather frightening "Africa" that is so often portrayed in non-African media.

His philosophy is based on personal experience. He found that what affects him most profoundly in his travels has been the people he meets- the human connections that get forged across our differences. Hence the name Umoja Travel, paying homage to the connections of our human experience.

Also, he's had a long-term interest in mind-body practice and this is the first Yoga retreat put together under Umoja- an experiment, if you will. A couple of Facebook messages back and forth between us about a month ago and here I am with our teacher Pablo and a group of ladies from London treating my body to healthfulness while ignoring the thoroughly captivated fishermen watching from the shack twenty meters away.

And you know what? It is perfect. No televisions, free WiFi and I haven't heard a single truck, voice raised in anger or vuvuzela in the past 24 hours. The permanent knot that lives in my upper right shoulder is about to get an eviction notice.


  1. Alot of chat about james nothing of Afrikan Yoga So what is Afrikan Yoga?

  2. Find out from this site


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