Sunday, October 31, 2010

At Last.


My voting companions. Young Tanzania hiyo :)

Independent media. These guys, I like. Tee Bee Cee was there too.

Mikocheni at the polls.

"Elsie, wake up! It's time to vote!" yelled La Dee outside my window as she absconded with the trusty Suzuki.

Fifteen minutes to walk to Ushindi Primary, ask the guy in front of me where to find the voters' roll, take a few pictures, get back in line, vote, get inked, take a few more pictures, and walk home. In my line were four promising young men, bristling with youth and vitality and joie de vivre, the Tanzania that every demographic blurb highlights. And now 'tis time for the celebratory election day champagne breakfast.

It's your country. Vote like you own it.


  1. a little jealous and hoping that next time those of us tanzanians abroad and zealously holding onto our tanzanian citizenship (in the face of so many "why, you haven't lived there for so many years") will be granted our constitutional right to vote!!!!

  2. Woman, don't even get me started on that stupid government policy of ours. Eti ignoring the diaspora. I am just as pissed off as you are. There's a blogpost lurking.


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