Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Daddy.

Someone once asked me which audience I write for when blogging, and whom I hold myself accountable to. I've given flip answers for the most part, but the truth is that this is the guy I have in mind when I write:

Dad turns 80 today. He puts the Family in Family Man. He's wonderful in more ways than I care to enumerate in detail here. But here's a few. Dad has been my personal Encyclopedia of the World since I discovered the breadth of his mind, an inimitable example of a life well-lived with integrity, a Haya father who has raised five independent and accomplished feminists of both genders, and a sweet grandpa whom the Five Perfect Girls absolutely adore.

So happy birthday, beloved. When you give that wry smile while reading the East African articles it's just as good, better, than a Summa Cum Laude with a Blue Label chaser and an obese Cohiba to boot.

*Title of the post comes from the tales of an African woman who also had an awesome dad. Bottle of decent wine (or the equivalent for non-partakers) to the first person who calls it.


  1. I am (slightly) ashamed that I had to do a bit of Googling first, but I believe you are referring to that earnest detective Mma Ramotswe.

    As I do not partake, I will accept a vintage bottle of Mirinda if I am correct :-)

  2. And congrats to your dad - that dude is ageless!

    He looks just the same as when I first met him 16 years ago;-)

  3. Dangnabbit, Dr. Bob! That's like the second or third TMR contest you have won off the bat. You are disqualified on the basis of excessive googling skillz and unfair advantage in terms of timing and we went to high school together. Out of guilt i'll buy you that vintage miranda when you get back on the continent :)

  4. Ha ha, haya blogmistress - but if no one wins the TMR contests after a sufficient period of time (like 24 hours) I reserve the right to enter anyway :-)

    Eti - "Disqualified on the basis of excessive googling skillz" - hapo umenipata! :)

  5. As a Muhaya elder, I am sure the birthday boy would appreciate a gourd ( ekilele ) full of well fermented rubisi to celebrate this grand milestone! http://www.thegourdreserve.com/

  6. @ Dr. Bob: Usijali mkuu. Next time you're in town I'll buy you enough Mirinda Classic to pee orange for a week. My treat.

    @ Muhaya Elder: Waitu, Wakora munno, great recommendation!

  7. This post clarifies a lot to me. I always thought your surname had a Nigerian twist. I can't tell why.

  8. Thanks Joji. We get that a lot. I can't tell why either, to be honest...

  9. Happy 80th Dr Eyakuze!


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