Friday, October 29, 2010

Tools on the Right, and a Party

Okay, I've put up links to the two social media online election monitoring sites on the right hand side of the blog at the top. Let's see if this social media test run can set us up for the big 2015. If any other good interactive election monitoring tools are up and running let me know and I'll put up the link.

And in other news, the Punch Hunger campaign team are having an event today. From the press release:

To make food a right and first priority in Tanzania, the FOOD right FIGHTERS from the international Activista network are inviting all Tanzanians to join the Punch Hunger campaign and call attention to this
very important message to the government:

Stop allocating land for biofuel production without a policy that ensures food security and that is implimented.

Venue/ Mahali: Tanzania Scouts Association

Time/ Muda: 2-6 pm/ 8-12pm

Major Events:

  • Performances by artists like Hardmad, Malfred, Eriakim, Rage etc.
  • Competitions in games, dance and music
  • Exhibitions from different NGO’s
  • The FOOD right FIGHTERS launch their new song “Punch Hunger” produced together with FIDQ

It's your country. Vote like you own it. Happy Furahi Day.

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