Thursday, November 25, 2010

Book Slam, Week, Launch.

The Book Slam was superfantastic, thanks for askin'. Louise Hoole, Morris Mwaviso, Nadir Tharani and our host of the evening Walter Bgoya read their beautiful works. They entertained and seduced us, crushed our hearts with bittersweetness only to lift them up again in song. The booze was flowing, the food was bountiful, the company delightful. It was that kind of evening. And the organizers... some people just know how to throw a party. Waiting on them to do it again, soon. No pressure, eh guys ;)

All this whoop-la was also a pre-event to kick off the Dar es Salaam Book Week. Ubungo Plaza big conference room, ends today (Saturday). Publishers, books, creatives, readers, folks from all walks of life and all different countries brought together by one love.

Finally, I am happy to finally be allowed to say: The Mama Dar book project has come to fruition under the tender care of a fantastic duo of American writers- Amy Brautigam and Debbie Ventimiglia. These ladies have cajoled and coerced 26 stories out of several writers on the theme of parenthood/ nurturing. This here, folks, is African literature live from Dar es Salaam.

And there is a cause behind it. Proceeds from sales will be directed to the Dar es Salaam House of Peace, a place for women escaping abusive situations at home and transitioning to something better. Now, this project is dear to my heart because it's my First Time getting some pieces published. I'm petrified, you can't control-alt-delete that kind of thing.

But I hope, here, to make it dear to your heart: if you have ever wanted to give thanks for the women in your life who have nurtured and protected you, loved you and raised you, fought for you and wiped your tears, then buy this book. Buy this book and give it to your mother. To your wife. Your sister, your daughter, your friend. Buy it for yourself.

The launch will take place at Makutano House in Oysterbay from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Monday the 13th of December, 2010. I'll be there, a little tipsy because Amy and Debbie have threatened me with the possibility of a reading*. I might also have one or two "free" copies to hand out to the folks who buy me the most (alcoholic) drinks and/or flatter me stupid. There might be autographs involved. Everything else is open-ended. So, you know, come along. And bring the Her in your life you wanna show some love to.

*... erm. No.


  1. wish i could have jetsetted over for the previous reading, but most especially for yours! do get this jetsetter she a copy of that book. how proud am i of you!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, love. Tena you? Your copy/copies will be awaiting your return :)

  3. Kwanza, hongera!!! Sana! Will surely get meself a copy, and maaaaybe a second one for my mom.

    It sucks to miss such events :( Keep us informed.

  4. @Steve: there in spirit counts too. Thanks, bro.

  5. Hongera sana dada! Kuna jinsi ya kupata hicho kitabu nje ya nchi? Mi niko Ujerumani na ningefurahi mno kupata copy! Labda siku moja kitauzwa online? All the best! Jonas


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