Thursday, November 4, 2010

Resolutely Nonpartisan Liberal Pacifist.

Oh, it was hard to bear. The leftist totalitarians, constantly dismissive of the idea that Tanzania doesn't have to fit into their narrow little perception in order to be viable, promoting the vile notion that the Only True Tanzanian (eti Mtanzania halisi) is the kind that is "poor." And, by not-so-subtle implication: "black." "rural." "helpless." Making things difficult for liberals, minorities, and every honest entrepreneur who has earned their shangingi whether you like it or not.

And on the other extreme, those many gloomy humbugs who blow and blow and blow away at whatever small flame of faith in the democratic system we're trying to protect from the gusting winds of cynicism. Not to mention the ones who are constantly trying to shove you into this party or that party because the idea of independence is too threatening a concept.

Last time I checked, all you needed in order to make a smidgeon of difference was to be a citizen who has reached the age of majority who bothered to turn up and vote.

Picture courtesy of Mkuki Bgoya in response to a Facebook appeal for pictures of inked fingers. And no, I have no idea who he voted for or why. That's his business, innit?

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