Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Constitution

It has been a quiet time in the political scene. Okay, maybe not but I have been taking a news break and so far not even the WikiLeaks saga has managed to suck me back into the vortex. But this Constitution thing, it's got me itching. Twitching.

But first I have to ask, on the right hand side in a poll: have you read the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania?


  1. The copy of the constitution you link to is not the current version. It is good for amendments up to 2000. The purple, pocket size hard copy on my desk includes amendments up to 2008. I can't find an up to date copy online - and believe me, I've looked. On the other hand, there have been plenty of copies available in government bookshops recently. Which is good.

    Next stop, Nerdsville.

  2. Thanks SwahiliStreet, going to have to pick up a copy or three in print. But surely if the

  3. I met a lawyer yesterday and we were poring over his swahili version of the constitution (hard copy). I noticed it was good up to 2005 only. As far as he knows, that is the most recent swahili version that is available.

    But in matters of interpretation, he told me, the most swahili language version gets preference following the case of AG vs Mbushuu.

    Maybe we do need a constitutional review. But before that we need a readily available up to date version that we can all agree on as being the current one.

  4. para 2, delete [most]


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