Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This isn't working out quite as hoped. Blogging about Bunge sessions is amazingly difficult to do when Tanesco refuses to provide power. Perverse company. So, this week has been a complete washout though The World's Best Housekeeper tries to keep me informed... apparently her corner of Mikocheni doesn't experience as many "technical difficulties" of an unspecified nature as our streets. I know for a fact that there are parts of Dar that don't get rationed at all. It helps to have a current minister/former or current President/retired military officer living on your street, if you know what I mean.

Protesters: 1, Mubarak: 0. Nice to see that the Egyptian youth who started the revolution won the Face/Off. Am interested in what this transition will look like in about two years' time in the hopes that perhaps something of democratic non-violent regime change might be learned from our northern sistren that can be reproduced in other countries. Like Zimbabwe. In the meantime, basking in the global glow. Everyone loves a successful revolution :) Now, on to Algeria. Bonne Chance! The revolution will be tweeted.

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