Thursday, February 17, 2011

Show Me Your Ass...ets.

I have to post another missive from His Handsome Highness in a minute, so I better lay the last poll to rest. The numbers: 13 of you voted, making this a tie for the most participated-in poll on TMR to date. Of you 13 who voted:

- Four of you are in favor of the walk-out culture. Smells like, smells like... smells like Chadema to me, to me.
- Three of you are in favor of a tax refund. Hell yeah. New rule: MPs who walk out of Bunge sessions due to temper tantrums should forfeit their salary for that month. Said salary should be redirected towards school feeding programs in the primary school of their constituency of birth.
- Two of you think that Bunge sucks (it does, on occasion) and feel neither anger nor evil satisfaction at Chadema's antics. So equanimous... what are you, Buddhist monks?
- And four of you would like to know about developments in the Steak Quest. Well, have I got a little news for you: apparently, The Waterfront at the SlipperyWay serves a hunk of fillet cooked to the right temperature for a reasonable price. Which means- eat it before the Chef migrates to greener pastures because you know how restaurants always (always) deteriorate here. The Black Tomato also treats it's steaklet right, but that's a morning sop-up-the-hangover special so it's on the thinner side... which doesn't matter since you get eggs with it for that coronary-on-a-plate feeling. Best steak in town? Yeah, I know where to source that. Saving it for the next big TMR give-away though, so don't ask.

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