Thursday, March 3, 2011

The F-word Survey 2011

This year, I am on top of International Women's Day. Yay! I almost always miss this one, which is embarrassing, but this year I can build up towards it. It's been a bit doom and gloom around here lately hasn't it? Let's do a little affirmation instead. I want to throw this one to the readers, by asking you a few questions and hoping you will participate in the comments section. Feel free to ignore the questions and say what you want to in the comments section anyways as long as it pertains to Women's Day in whatever oblique way. Cheers :)

1. Are you a feminist? Are you gendered male or female? (stop sniggering, these are perfectly valid terms).
2. What do you think of the feminist movement in Tanzania?
3. What's the one thing you think African women could use a little help with?
4. Which woman do you most admire in the world, and why? (Note: I know you loves your mama, but not today. Keep that for mama's day and give some other lady a chance)
5. Which one is better to watch on TV: Soccer, Rugby or Tennis?
6. Angelina Jolie: Hot? Not? Why?
7. Do you know what infibulation is? (if you must describe, please keep it clean).
8. FGM: torture and abuse or culture and tradition?
9. Feminists are making a mountain out of a molehill: true or false?
10: Who is your favorite Tanzanian politician? (sorry. I couldn't resist. I just couldn't)

Wreak havoc in the inbox and see y'all soon, and lightheartedly, in a few. Oh, and feel free to suggest some questions/topics too.


  1. Allow me to get the ball rolling:

    1. Yes, and Yes I am male or female
    2. What feminist movement? A bit harsh, but it's hardly an overwhelming force. Tends, (through TGNP, TAMWA, etc.) in my view, to focus too much on changing government policy and plans and not enough on changing society.
    3. Independent incomes.
    4. In one sense, Halle Berry. In another, after reading this, Billie Holiday:
    5. Cricket
    6. I'm going to fall headlong into your elephant trap: Much as I love the onga mchuzi mix lips look, oh dear I'm going to say far too much, for me she's a poor man's Jessica Alba
    7. Yes
    8. torture and abuse
    9. False. It's definitely a mountain but sometimes they make it look like a molehill.
    10. must I?

    PS - you forgot question 11. Special seats: good or bad for the cause of women in Tanzania?

  2. 1. Don't put me in a box.
    2. I think the feminist's move very well.
    3. Not being labeled African women.
    4. Castor Semenya
    5. If it's women, tennis. Men, football.
    6. Definitely. Have you seen her?
    7. My lips are sealed.
    8. Torture.
    9. Everything is relative.
    10. Vodacom

    11. I think everyone should have specially designed seats

  3. @Anynymous One and Two: Lol! I get it, maybe I should change question one and ten, especially. Cracked me up though :)

    Number 11: Well, I get on my high horse about this one all the time. While I really like the idea of putting special seats in place for women, two problems crops up: 1) shouldn't every social minority get the same chance, and what does this do to honest political competition, 2) In practice, our special seats MPs are the most useless political appendages I have ever had the displeasure of observing. They don't work for their constituencies- women- and so I am quite comfortable with the idea of getting rid of them as a group.'s a constantly evolving opinion.

  4. 1)I do not really know who is a feminist. If I'm a hiring manager, women won't get a leg up because they are women. Not today.

    2) Feminism in TZ? Daamn, I didn't get the memo.

    3) There is a study that showed women with more sexual partners are linked with depression. I swear I didn't make this one up!

    4)I'll go with Hillary Clinton. She got Al-Jazeera is real news.


    6)She is pretty.

    7)Never heard of infibulation before

    8)What is FGM

    9)I have no idea of existance of feminist movement in bongo

    10) I don't like Freeman Mbowe and his kind (opportunists polis)

  5. OK, I'm in:

    1) Yes, and I am a MAN - have you got a problem with that?!

    2) Is there one?

    3) Workload, mainly: cooking, cleaning, fetching the water and firewood, tending the crops, carrying them to market, bringing up the kids - you get the idea...

    4) Beyonce - because I'm a man, and because she ROCKS

    5) Er, soccer, obviously (remember I'm a MAN). Next?

    6) Of course. Are you mad?

    7) Kind of

    8) Cultural abuse

    9) If only they had the voice to do even that...

    10) Nope, won't be drawn on that one. They're all unfavourable, I'm afraid...

    So, Mrs Intersection of Feminism in Tanzania" what are your answers?


  6. 1.yey to women empowerment but only when we actually do deserve it...or else it just becomes a little bit over used as an excuse. And suprisingly Im female...:)

    2.Really?? In TZ? I highly dought that you can call it feminist movements...but hey am not judging,sijui...labda

    3.More time to socialise and squeeze in some productive work which do not involve house chores(conversations at the local well,whilst gathering kuni or in the kitchen misibani don't count)

    4.George Elliot (Mary Ann Evans):)

    5.It's Football not SOCCER!!! and rugby is way better....

    6.Depends on what you go for...but then again i'll have to side with quite hot!

    7. rather not say a thing.


    9.In todays world..well its hard to say, depends on what they are specifically working towards(and the likeliness of achieve it)

    10.No comment

    The questions do really get you thinking...lakini kweli what are your answers?

  7. Was jetsetting in the eastern regions of the world so has taken some time. and i needed to really think about (some of) these questions. here goes:

    1. Yes. Female
    2. Some kickass leaders of past. Need some younger ones stepping up too
    3. We have done pretty damn well on our own so far thank you very much. How about really acknowledging this for a change!
    4. Wow. Being a working feminist, this is a tough one. I’ll go with my current boss and immediate supervisor who are kick ass women in so many ways
    5. Soccer. Have you seen those bods! Damn!
    6. I have to say I’ve drunk that cool aid. I lust her even while batting for the other team (that’s right! This is possible ). And you gotta admit she's living outside that little box
    7. Sadly, yes (genius answer that “I’ll keep my mouth shut”)
    8. Great minds, Elsie. I too was going to say torture and abuse under the guise of culture and tradition!
    9. Who would even ask this question!!! I mean seriously!
    10. I plead the fifth but only because I’m not bloodly well allowed to vote! And yet, here I continue to pledge my undying love for “Tanzania, Tanzania, nakupenda kwa moyo wote…” When will the love be returned???

  8. @Anonymous3: Feminisim is not synonymous with affirmative action plans but thanks for pointing that out. Will have to address.
    @Anonymous4: No, I don't have a problem that you are a man. Some of my best friends are men. Heh. But seriously, feminism isn't synonymous with misandry but thanks for pointing that out. Will have to address :)
    @Kid: A George Elliot character? I think you just out-snobbed me. Good job :)
    @Cynthia: le sigh. You know, it's Miz Jolie's witchy eyes. I think she has the world under some kinda hypnotic spell (and yes she's a total fox but there's foxier to girl-crush out there. she just seems dangerous to me. probably part of her appeal.) yeah, don't hold yer breath about the love being returned babes. it's all about the remittances...

  9. Had to chip in...

    1. Male; I am aware of the fact that I might be supporting some of the feminist movements.

    2. They ARE trying... Demere et al. But it's not easy.

    3. Education... that thing about educating girls is not a cliché.

    4. My grandmother. I accompanied her to the rice farm a few times... Hah! Much respect to the lady.

    5. Jamani, is it even a question? NB: It's called football.

    6. She is aight, but I wouldn't break my neck...

    7. Yup. Enough said.

    8. Torture and abuse.

    9. Not really, the ones I know know what they're talking about.

    10. It's still Mrema '95. But now I am not even following politics!


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