Saturday, April 2, 2011

Goings Ons

I meant to update the blog but you know what they say about Good Intentions. I had a thingy written up for April Fool's day, and another thingy about women's work and then I thought maybe tackle politics again or something then I got distracted by the offline life and that was that. As a peace offering, here's some stuff I have been marinating that hasn't made it to blogpos/rant status yet. I thought I'd put them down as questions and take the "social" bit of social media for a spin:

1. Have you ever noticed that women are excluded from the streetlife and Kijiwe culture? What do you think about that, and what it does for women's participation in politics/public life? What is a woman's work in this decade, anyways?

2. So there's oil in Zanzibar, and gas and stuff, that's going to be explored anytime now. To share revenue, or not to share revenue- now that's the questin? Apparently natural resources are not a Union matter. I want to hear from the Mainlanders: fair? Not fair?

3. Speaking of: is anyone still interested in dissolving the Union? I mean a Mainland movement, since Zanzibar hasn't exactly been shy about telling us exactly where we can shove our Muungano these past couple of years.

One new development with the blog is that I have recently begun to sell my soul at roughly 800 words a week to the East African. Cross-pollination between media or something of the sort. I tried to keep it under wraps for a while since I'm still figuring out how this thing works (ie. surviving frequent deadline-induced panic attacks). Now that I think about it, trying to be undercover about writing a weekly column in a regional newspaper is not the brightest idea I have ever had. So I'm coming clean... for accountability's sake ;) And on that note, I have homework to do and bail-money to save up for so let me get cracking.


  1. On point #1:

    Kwani sisi wanaume tunashirikishwa na maongezi yenu saluni? Au shambani?

    What do y'all talk about there anyways? It's a mystery to us! Politics, relationships, umbea?

  2. Lol! To answer: kwani nyie wanaume hamfanyi umbea kwenye saluni zenu? Been there, done that (I rock the shaved head, remember) and I can confirm that not only do Bongo men gossip like church ladies at a fundraiser, you guys are also seriously metrosexual. Seriously. I wouldn't put it past a Bongo man to buy hisself flowers on occasion.

    What do we talk about? Let me see: Business. Men. Business plans. Men. Relationships. Men. What's going on in other people's lives. What's going on in our own lives. How to save money. Men. Current affairs. What's going on in other people's lives- in detail. Careers. Men. What's going on in our deepest psychological and emotional lives. Men, and how they affect those deep psychological and emotional lives. Men. Alternative income schemes. Children. Men. Where we got the fabulous shoes. The price of chicken. Men. Careers. Business. Rinse, repeat.


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