Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pending Improvements and Other Social Media Stuff

Year's end, doing a bit of work on the blog and thinking about what to improve. I know there's a lot to do: you have been very patient with what is clearly a rather amateurish approach to graphic design and I appreciate that. As is tradition on this blog, you are cordially invited to share your thoughts as 'stakeholders'. Heh. If you have comments or suggestions please inbox me/use the comments section.

There are a few cosmetic changes for now. The Zanzibari balcony was soothing as a header, but it had to go. Now up is one of my favorite pictures of all time, a beautiful mural created by a collective of artists aged between toddlerhood and the very early double digits. I am fairly certain that it is a landscape, and the giraffe is a rather inspired depiction. Enjoy.

I also put up the Tanzania Blog Award badges that I scored this year. The fact that the TZ blog awards socmedian is possibly worse than me at design (imagine!) is an indicator that this is one seriously homegrown initiative. I am very proud of those badges, and thanks for voting if you did.

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  1. I will miss the Zanzibari balcony header pic *sigh*


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