Saturday, November 26, 2011

TEDxDAR 2011: Bi Kidude

It is past six in the evening, I have been here since 9:00 and it has been a day well spent. Bi Kidude is weaving her way through a medley of songs and I am going to enjoy the moment.

Score! Nilimsalimia Bibi, akanikubalia picha :)

We have a habit of saying that 'mwanzo ni mgumu' or the beginning is always tough. Last year TEDxDAR was a smaller crowd sitting underneath a slightly leaky awning in Masaki. This year the crowd is bigger, the technology is techier and we're in the auditorium of the National Museum. The trick is to hang in there. Thank you to the TEDxDAR Team of organizers, volunteers, fans and attendees for doing this little thing together and helping it grow into a not so little thing.

Thank you for reading the TEDxDAR 2011 liveblogs, and hopefully you will be here in person next year. Kwa heri.


  1. Wow! Cool pic with Bi Kidude... she's still going strong from the looks of it! Thanks a lot for all the TEDxDar blog posts.


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