Sunday, November 13, 2011

TEDxDAR 2011: The Past Is Alive

There are only ten days left until TEDxDAR 2011: "Who Killed Zinjanthropus." I am going to enjoy this one, I think. *Stepping onto soapbox* History, historicity, perspective- these things matter! Finally someone is going to talk about it on purpose. We might even avoid the dreaded "Nyerere" word. But probably not. *Stepping off soapbox.*

The biggest selling point of the TEDxDAR events for me is that they provide a non-partisan (or should I say a pan-partisan?) forum for the discussion of ideas. It's not that Ideas don't get Discussed in Bongo, but of late it has been very hard to keep these efforts from getting sucked into the vortex of partisan political agenda-setting that plagues every attempt at dialogue. So I'll be there, listening and liveblogging (I hope) and generally enjoying the fruits of Tanzanian intellectual exchange. More posts to come as I digest the four themes that have been advertized.

Just a few details for now:

1. If you haven't registered, there's still some time to do so. As free Saturday events go, there's not much better out there for people who like to talk.
2. You can still nominate speakers! I know you know someone really cool who should probably be on that podium. Get them on there.
3. The National Museum has just been through some major overhauling. Aren't you curious to see the new place? I hear there's a theater and everything... how sexy is that, huh? Yeah, you know you want to go the Museum on a Saturday. You know you do. The pickled coelacanth might still be there.

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