Saturday, November 26, 2011

TEDxDAR: Sanaa Sana

Time for the post-lunch musical interlude. Sanaa Sana are performing a few numbers, on stage there are: three drummers, one guitarists and dancers/singers. It's all about The Beat, isn't it :)

So there's that thing about Africans having some kind of innate dancing ability. As I type this it is hard to keep from moving my body to the music, actually, which must be quite funny for the folks sitting behind me. Innate, though? Not so much. It's just a skill that, like many others, can be learned from childhood. And of course, practice only makes perfect... so never be shy. Just dance.

Dunda, dunda, dunda, eh!


  1. Hehehe...I was seated right behind you during this performance, and we ALL couldn't help from moving our bodies to the music either. There was something electric about their performance!So...not so funny; we understood. :-)

  2. So there were many of us wriggling in our seats? Cool :)


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