Monday, December 5, 2011

Grassroots Movie Scene: C.P.U. Movie and Mkwawa

I was charmed by the movie C.P.U. last Thursday, which was the last reaction I expected to have. I'm going to have to get myself a copy of this for record-keeping purposes in case any of the cast or crew hit the big time and I can totally cadge bragging rights. It's not a perfect piece of work: the sound editing is verging on disastrous, and there were many lovely little mistakes in the filming that gave it that home-made feel. But the movie did manage to deliver that urban edge that I was hoping for.

There were a handful of truly well executed scenes in the movie, but the best has got to be the staring contest. It involves an investigator, a prison warden, a fan and a cigarette has instant Bongo film classic written all over it. Oh, the thing about movies making people appear bigger than they are in real life? Totally true. I saw the cast after the movie and they are about one eighth of the size they appear to be on screen. I'm hoping that this movie isn't the end of the story because the script left cliffhangers of epic proportions...

Counting down to Mkwawa the Movie which I understand is going to be playing after the evening news on ITV on Saturday 10th December. tick. tock. Our little independent movie scene is growing up :)

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