Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Weekly Sneak: Yeah, Alright.

I won't lie folks, this week I was thoroughly uninspired. There's just times when the news looks like more of the same and a girl has said everything she intends to say anyways. Case of the 'blahs,' you know. But since I like to play catch-me-if-you-can with my weekly EA deadline, I woke up this morning to a gift of a story. CCM has young-ified their upper ranks. Yay.

"Speaking of injecting more youth into the political process, CCM has just pulled a semi-expected move in the direction of revamping its upper ranks. There is something to be said about respecting term limits: somehow their impeding retirement from the pinnacle of Tanzanian political life makes our incumbent Presidents find the courage and determination they might have lost during the course of their reign. Anything is possible when you know the end is nigh. In the case of the fourth administration, I think it is worth commending this gesture of good will. The generational turn was bound to happen soon enough, and with this move much of the contentiousness of the process has been sidestepped."

So listen, I gotta come clean on this: never will I ever, ever-ever, get a CCM card. That said, I ain't intending to support the opposition neither for anything other than that which they are useful for. It varies. I like different parties for different things, if you know what I'm saying here. At the end of the (voting) day, until someone provides a viable alternative to CCM I intend to keep splitting my ballot like the reasonable Tanzanian that I am. Just thought I would pre-empt the rabid mob that thinks any comment on the GOP that lacks vitriol is a direct endorsement. Have an okay day, yeah?

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