Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Weekly Sneak: All Your Bases Is Mine!

Pointless anecdote time: every so often I like to declare my feminist leanings in a roomful of African guys, just for fun. There are three general reactions. There are those who immediately get a hard look in their eyes that they try to mask with hollow laughter. That's where the tough questions are going to come from. There are those who look at me with puzzlement, as though I had just announced that I am a chair and I am about to sprout wings and fly. There is no room for this nonsense in their world. The third group is fun. They are the ones who get a gleam of interest in their eye. It often signals the beginning of a beautiful friendship. End of pointless anecdote.

Folks are right to be a bit wary of those of us flying the feminist flag. Some of us really are trying to take over the world. Gently.
"Right around the time of International Women’s Day, a question popped up on the world’s most popular microblogging platform: “What if women ran the world?” I wasn’t aware that we don’t, but I appreciate the intent of taking us out of the shadows to which we have been relegated. I am not averse to the idea of trying on a little matriarchy as a transitional phase towards a gender equitable world. By matriarchy I don’t mean replacing men with women and keeping the system intact. That would just be patriarchy in high heels, and we already have enough of that going on.
Soon day come, we shall pwn you all! Mwahahahahahahahahaaaa!

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