Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Not My Skirt That Is The Problem.

To finish up the Women's Month work- that's March to the uninitiated- I submitted a piece to the Mail and Guardian's new online venture Voices of Africa. It is about some of the kuh-ray-zee that comes with being a woman in this world and I was a little nervous because it is rather candid for my society, but things went better than anticipated.

Dreams really do come true. I have this monster crush on South Africa, mostly because of its media and entertainment industries. But to get within sniffing distance of the Mail And Guardian? eh. *happy dance.*

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  1. "To finish up the Woman's Month work" ... 'A woman's work is never done', eh? Sorry probably not the first to come up with that one ;-)

    Also SA seems to have a particular problem with the issue you highlighted, although I don't know if TZ is much better.


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