Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Writing Life: Love.

This month marks the fifth year of The Mikocheni Report. Happy birthday, blog. Happy birthday carrier of dreams, voice in the ether, child of ambition, comfort in the dark. Happy birthday teacher, nemesis, altar, cornerstone, constant challenge. Happy birthday, word. Happy birthday, love.


  1. 5 years! om my goodness, oh my goodness (yes, we have been watching Annie). Happy Blogiversary!! To many, many more

  2. Wayukayo! Also I notice you've been blogging much more regularly recently - bravo!

  3. @Jetsettter: Thank you! they grow up so fast, don't they :) Watching annie, eh? Kiss those gorgeous little reprobates for me wouldja.

    @Rweba: Bojo, waitu mushaija. :)


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