Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Weekly Sneak: Not Too Shabby, Folks.

I can't quite believe it was only about 8 weeks ago that the Draft Constitution was released to the public for review. When I heard that the deadline for the consultative process was going to be the end of this month- this Saturday to be precise- I got my metaphorical bag of popcorn and sat back to watch the show. Could it really be done in two months?

Apparently, the answer is yes. In spite of a few false starts here and there with the Barazas, and a few instances where political agendas tried to creep in where they were not wanted, the Constitutional Reform Commission seems to have managed the near-impossible. It has accommodated the views of a large swathe of Tanzanians on the ground, in our civil society and political organizations and every iteration of grouping (well, almost). This is great. 

Now, on to the next challenges: Draft Number Two, that debate and the referendum to follow. I can only hope things continue to go so well, and mad respect to Judge Warioba and his team. It's not a an easy job, but they make it look doable. Old school work ethic, that. 


  1. And with 1% of the hoopla of our bossy neighbors to the north. Not to mention our OTHER neighbors whose democratic credentials are ... questionable ;-)

    1. Dr. Bob: heh. hehehe. hehe. 'nuff said, homie.


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