Friday, September 6, 2013

The Story, As Told by The COO.

Beginning at the end of August, Charles Onyango-Obbo embarked on a project. He's telling the story of East Africa... wait, scratch that. It's bigger than the region. He's attempting something of a contemporary geopolitical chronicle along historical lines, aimed (I think) at constructing a viable framework for the prediction of immediate and beyond threats and opportunities for a generous number of African states. El Qahira to the city of Andries Pretorius, with investigations to explain the frequent use of AK-47s in-between. 

It's fucking excellently informative work.  Here's the Go Button. Enjoy*. 

*by which I mean, respect the shit out of this work. Add to it, detract from it, but understand the majesty of the undertaking and behave accordingly. 


  1. Looking forward to it, sounds like he should put out a book or something ...

  2. @Dr. Bob- You know, that's a great suggestion. Actually it's an excellent suggestion. Let's start campaigning shall we?


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