Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Weekly Sneak: For Real, Mwalimu.

This week's offering in the EA is a stream of consciousness thing. When you write for an important paper like the EA, there is some expectation that you'll bring your Alpha Male game to the table. Certainty, expertise, statistics, journalistic authority, yadda yadda. I'm not complaining by the way: my inner Alpha Male loves this job to death and plays with it like a cat on catnip. 


Sometimes as a writer you have to show up. Showing up is the most important aspect of the calling. Of any calling. 
"In this era of conclusive statements, statistics and oft-undeserved confidence, please allow me to do like Nyerere did and admit to humanity. This was supposed to be an article about the discussion on President the Fifth and the ICC and the new constitution and other terribly important matters.
 Instead I found myself winding through thoughts about the effects of legacies, social trauma, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, all the countries that I care for so much without the ability to explain why. And ended up remembering Nyerere. There is something about the importance of character, isn’t there? Perhaps even something more tender, worthwhile and important and lasting than success."
Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumuba, so many others- I really wish I had met you too.

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  1. Very nice snippet! I can't wait to read the whole thing :-)

    I only saw Mwalimu once, I think it was in 1994 in Arusha. He was tiny, old and frail, but absolutely charismatic, effortlessly commanding all the attention of the crowd with even the slightest gesture. Quite a guy.

    BTW, you do recall that Nyerere Day is my birthday, right? Have a few on my behalf :-)


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