Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Weekly Sneak: ... Seriously?!

Mandela's funeral was always going to be difficult, it is true. But right around the sign-language guy debacle, I just gave up. Just. Gave. Up.

So this week's article is a bit of illosophy about social media and politics, and commentary on selfies by people who should have known better though I am glad they didn't. Aided in no small part by the Dar es Salaam summer heat that riseth every morning to punish us like the wrath of Ra. Tried to keep it clean, folks.
"Since the seating is alphabetical, it so happens that President Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner is sitting next to Presidents Khama and Kabila. Taking advantage of such a cordial opportunity, these three Leaders of the South totally tell Joseph to pull out his phone and take that selfie because 'when shall we three meet again?' LOL, YOLO, hashtag awesome, short URL, instagram! Just having a human moment.

How, oh how, would that be received?"
Just sayin'. Blame it on the heatstroke.

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  1. I was without internet for 4 days and when I came back it seems this was all the biggest world news that happened in my absence :-)

    Leaders - they're just like us!


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