Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do the #CharlesBump

Hey folks, 

So Charles is leaving NMG and I would like your help in sending him off in style. If you are a reader of The East African, please double your physical consumption of the newspaper for next week's edition. If you read online, buy a paper. If you buy the paper, buy 2 copies. If you buy 2, then buy 4. You get it. It is called the ‪#‎CharlesBump‬ campaign, to register our appreciation to him at NMG where they are most likely to feel it: in their wallet  Please do it whoever you are but I am inviting Tanzanian consumers especially to help out if you can. Thank you. 


PS: in case you have ever wondered, the answer is yes. he's probably a large part of the reason why a number of us rogues and reprobates, women and youth, non-Kenyans and non-males and non-Bantus managed to find a home at NMG. He's pretty awesomesauce and I intend to embarrass him with gratitude for the coming day or two. 

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