Friday, June 13, 2014

The Weekly Sneak: What? Oh. Merry World Cup to You Too.

The nice thing about growing older is that you don't have to accept your limitations so much as your limitations just kind of embrace you warmly and never let you go. After two decades of trying to fit in, this is me comfortably admitting that unless I am in the stadium, unless it is Serena Williams, or one of those sports that we only enjoy during the Olympics, unless it is Rugby, then I am not watching it. 

If you also love the beautiful human body and the feel of a good adrenaline high and a racing heart, if you dig the idea of fitness even if we are crap at actually working out, if you believe in a good long walk or hot yoga or karate, whatever your flavor... but you're just not going to watch the world cup? This one is for you: 
"Why lie, it really is the beautiful game. You wouldn't believe how much work can go into remaining completely and utterly unbewitched by it, which means that some of us are facing a long couple of weeks of avoiding crowds, bars, conversations, the first minute of any newscast, the last minute of any newscast, and possibly all human beings that can talk. When it comes to sports, I would rather do it however badly than sit around and watch someone else do it, however well."
Ain't no shame in it. See you around at the television-free restaurants and coffee shops. 


  1. Someone had to say it. Better it was you!

  2. yup.. all people crazy about world cup today.. :)

    how about your self?

  3. Interesting. Was wondering why after the return...your page was blank or filled by someone else. Wondered why I had purchased a copy of the East African:(


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