Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Weekly Sneak: Mnatuburuza, Enh?!

Is it just me or is all of this election stuff exciting? In a civic kind of way, obviously.  Come on, try it. Grasp your voter's card in your right hand. Say 'franchise'. Say it sloooowly. Oh, yeah. That feeling, right there. Power. It is good, neh? However tiny a plastic sliver of it you have in hand. 

Okay, enough of that. The reality is far from charming. As of Lowassa's defection to Chadema, it has been day ofter day of party-jumping and resignations and self-seclusions and drama. Print media has punked out and is printing front-page "stories" that are nothing more than Secondary School grade beginner photo-journalism assignments and he-said-she-said dreck with no analytical heft at all. I take that back, actually. Secondary School kids don't deserve that kind of insult, they would produce better content. 

As for you political class, hmmmm. The campaigns haven't even started and we are already looking at you askance. So many questions, so many issues, so little time. Mnatuburuza, enh?!! We can tell when you engage in doublespeak, you know. We've smartened up over the past decade. Engage accordingly. 

"From the observer's deck, it looks like we voters almost had a choice between two distinct entities: the GoP and an opposition that could embody everything that the GoP lacked. Now we have a choice between men- men!- who up until very recently were colleagues and even cabinet members under the same administration, none of them on the fresh side of sixty. Is this even a choice at all? Or can we just go ahead and crack the necessary jokes about the selection of CCM Original Flavor, CCM Dodoma Grapes Of Wrath Flavor, CCM Tropical Island Flavor, CCM Fast and Lite (for younger palates), et cetera?"

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