Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Elections 2015: Bridging Troubled Waters...

So day two of vote counting is limping along. In light of accusations of bias towards the ruling party, NEC head Justice Lubuva has been forced to explain (repeatedly) that the vote announcement process is slow because they are following procedure and only releasing those results that have been verified from voting stations. And it will take as long as it takes. 

Which hits home since Kawe results were delayed and only announced in the late afternoon. A number of places have experienced delays as well and had to announce a bit later than expected. For the most part the hold-ups are due to recounts and other delays. In other places the incidents are a bit more...creative: in Kunduchi a candidate was arrested for eating the election results before they could be announced. Yes, you read that right. 

At this point in time it is fairly clear that Broadcast (preferably live) is the best information source. Too much jiggery-pokery going on in social media, and Print is limited by its format. Like right now I am watching UKAWA leadership announce that they do not accept the results as presented by NEC. And accusing NEC of being tampered with, the security forces of being complicit in making sure that their Presidential candidate does not win all under the aegis of the ruling party. They also want the people arrested when their data camps were raided soon after the voting ended to be released.  

So that story's developing. 

And so is Zanzibar. I am a little too tired to even try to delve into that so just read this BBCAfrica post and we'll pick up the conversation tomorrow. 

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