Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chessboard Reception

Went to a lovely reception last night, where the color theme of the wedding was Black&White. I have to admit that upon hearing about this I wondered if it might not be too somber but it turned out to be a wonderful look. The flowerkids in particular didn't look like demented little confections that had escaped from a bakery, for once.

The best thing by far was that the reception was a cocktail! Oh, the sheer joy of it all, I cannot describe. Of course I managed to get a severe attack of the Grinches when my bloodsugar took a nosedive as several waiters deftly avoided feeding our table but that was the only drawback. It was a casually sophisticated affair, relaxed, with a live band and a number of happy kids underfoot. Frankly gorgeous.

The Smiling Lady pointed out later on that the reception was throughly enjoyed by the 'younger generation' who knew how to make use of the lack of structure (read: protocol) that a cocktail provides. The older generation...well, maybe not so much. Most of them glued themselves to their chairs hoping that something recognizable might happen, like a long speech maybe or a committee bearing gifts, or some high-table drama. No such luck.

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  1. haha! have just figured out who the Smiling Lady!


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