Monday, May 5, 2008

Thieves: 7, Mom: 0

My poor Lady of The Wan Smile sent a rather forlorn message yesterday: her car had been broken into and she had lost her powerwindows. Again. Somehow after the fourth or fifth such incident, one can laugh about it. A friend got jacked right outside our house a few weeks ago, and it was very quick and efficient job. When we reported it, the cops were about as useful as they usually are in these incidents but they did confirm that there's a new trend: they take power windows and headrests. Headrests for goodness sakes! Apparently they cost a chunk of change to replace so it is worthwhile for the thieves. So, beware all you Suzuki-driving folks. They are out to get your headrest.

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  1. Actually, Suzuki owners need to watch out for their distributors. RAV4 owners need to watch for head rests. Both need to watch for power windows.
    I plan on getting a Batmobile-type full-lock-down security system for my next car. Yeah.


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