Monday, May 19, 2008

I was going to post about something fun, and then...

Daudi Ballali passed away. Or so claims Tanzania Daima in today's edition...The thing about the local politricks circus right now is that it just keeps the show rolling. Anywho, I am on tenterhooks since the last time a big fisadi was declared dead he simply answered his phone and told the reporters that he was hale and hearty.

I suspect that will not be the case in this instance, seeing as the government has been so busy declaring that they have no idea where Ballali is in the spite of the Minister of Finance going to look for him in well as several investigators...days before he turns up dead in Washington. Yup, that crumb trail leads straight to Evil Conspiracy Land.

The hot debate in Jamii Forums (formerly Jambo Forums, that heaving online nest of Tanzanian political information, disinformation and speculation) is whether the former Governor is actually dead or whether he is currently enjoying a new face and witness protection in the wilds of Middle America. Strong evidence is being offered to support either theory. Being grim and ghoulish, I am in the 'Ballali was quietly helped to meet his maker' camp and will remain so until he gets spotted shopping for tomatoes in Michigan.

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