Thursday, May 15, 2008

Post Number Twenty One

Day: 21
Posts: 21
Blog Comments: 10 (Thanks Dee, Crazy Pet Owner)

Blogging Lessons Learned:
1. HTML helps. As does megalomania, to counterbalance writers' insecurity.
2. Don't kid yourself into thinking posts will be regular, unless of course you are a) earning money off the blog or b) freakishly organized
3. Write. Edit. Re-write. Have someone proof-read. Edit. Post. Discover multiple typos and missing words that you missed the first fifteen times around. Edit post, again.
4. Carry camera everywhere.
5. To self-censor or not to self-censor is a perpetual quandary.
6. It is nearly impossible to remember to justify a post before it goes up. Why, kwa nini!!

Coming soon...ish:
1. Wider, prettier blog thingy. Refer to Blogging Lessons Learned number one. The you-tube lessons aren't cutting it yet.
2. Links section. Still shopping for the list.
3. Hit meter. Potentially depressing.
4. Maybe recipes. Maybe.

1 comment:

  1. Cool! Looking forward to the swish new look!


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