Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The 99 Cent Game

I went to stock up on exotic foodstuffs at Shoppers Plaza. A strange and guilty pleasure, to be sure, since whenever I am not in Paradise I will not touch canned foods. But when I am home, I am a slave to tinned goods, especially of the fish kind. Anyways, after buying some ridiculously overpriced single cream imported from the UK I wasn't given all my change. This is the third time that the charming lady at the counter offered me an apologetic smile in lieu of a 50 shilling coin. "Hatuna chenji, karibu tena..."

Yeah, right. I've never seen THAT tactic before! All those 99 cent deals in the US used to pile up nuggets of cash for the supermarkets that were smarmy enough not to stock pennies. I can understand snatching a penny out of the consumer's hand, but 50 shillings is real money. That's 150 shillings that Shoppers owes me just this month. I like them, you know, but not that much. From now on, I will be going armed with my own change to offer them whenever they feel like "running out" of 50s.

The single cream, you ask? Quiche, baby. Haven't had a home cooked one since circa 1988 and the Gods of Kitchen Experimentation are baying for a sacrifice.

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