Friday, June 6, 2008

Ticket out of Phlegmville

Winter is here, all 25+ degrees Celcius of it, so it is only natural that a cold is making its way around the city. I caught it sometime last week and have been wading through buckets of antihistamines, panadol and tissues for the past seven days, the usual regime. Colds are good for one thing though: finding out about people's various 'sure-bet' remedies for the sniffles. This time around I was advised to:

1. Go see a doctor. ( cough syrup, more antihistamines, antibiotics, decongestants, expectorants, lozanges, waiting lines, weighing machine, tongue depressors etc...ha! find some other victim)
2. Drink lots of honey (this one works a treat actually especially in tea)
3. Take lots of Vitamin C tablets (dunno, tried this one and still not sure of its efficacy)
4. Have plenty of citrus fruit juice (Ugh. good for hydration, hell on the tongue)
5. Eat garlic (as part of chicken soup, no problem)
6. Drink chicken soup (Golden, this one works every time. need real chickens though, not those depressed battery convicts)
7. Drink shikanguo tea, aka dandelion infusion (ugh, double ugh. but good for hydration)
8. Drink lots of fluids (gets all that phlegm out into the world instead of dried up inside you)
9. Take antihistamine/paracetamol combination (personal favorite. i heart coldril)
10. Get some rest (good, but boring)
11. Get on Smiling Lady's nutrition experimentation plan for continued good health (um, don't think so. Still haven't forgiven the raw egg-yold thing during my childhood, and the memories of the chinese mushroom tea are all too recent)
12. Drink watermelon juice (mh. de-seeding is too much hassle)

May your nasal passages stay clear this weekend.

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